A variety of works showcasing alternate digital processes and alternate concepts. Pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone, employing mediums and styles that are typically more foreign to me. These works are often experimental in nature. Will be updated regularly

This is a snapshot of the code I wrote in Processing in order to create the ASCII images show below. The code creates an interactive sketch, but only snapshots are displayed here. 2018.

ASCII Images in Processing Sketch, 2018.
This is my personal font. Created using a digital drawing tablet, Photoshop, and a font synthesizer tool. 2018.

Code Sculpture: Starburst. 2018, Laser-cut cardboard, spray paint, Processing code. This project utilized a dynamic code application in order to create a physical multi-dimensional sculpture that can be manipulated by the viewer.

Digital Camouflage with Random Variation. Still. Java /Processing. 2018. 

Musical Composition for five after John Cage. Text, September 2018

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