Hi! I'm Jared. I hold BA in Art and Psychology from Colgate University.
I am interested in how the ways people think influence design, as well as how design influences the way people think. Symmetry always makes me nerd out, and I enjoy taking on projects that allow me to challenge myself and push my creative boundaries.
My artistic focus is in graphic design, logo creation, brand identity and consumer goods, but I also work in other mediums such as drawing, illustration, photomontage and more. I am also deeply interested in music,  especially the aesthetics, sounds, and cultures associated with various musical subcultures. 
Currently, my day job is Marketing Analytics, which gives me the ability combine creativity and analytical thinking on a daily basis.
I also have skills in Processing, a Java based coding language.
I regularly update this site as I get the chance and whenever I create new work!
Find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jared-lampal/
Disclaimer: All views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated.
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