COVID Diaries: A Festival Gallery is an exhibition hosted by the Colgate University Department of Theater. The exhibition consists of curated pieces spanning performance, visual, video and sound-based art. Selected pieces were presented online between October 23-25, 2020
Video example of a viewer interacting with the piece.
What's a story, anyway? Video, Max MSP, text (2020).
What's a story anyway? is concerned with the ways in which we interpret stories as they are created, garbled, and passed down to us. The work is inspired by the truths, lies, and ambiguities felt as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This piece also explores the nature of non-linear narratives which force the viewer to relate with the work in unusual and unique ways.
This is an interactive piece designed in Max, a visual coding environment, that allows the viewer to have a hand in creating a narrative that is displayed on the screen alongside visual elements. The story is dynamic and random, and will be uniquely generated each time a viewer interacts with it. 

A still frame from my accepted submission, What's a story, anyway? (2020)

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